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QualMap | Food Quality Monitoring Solution

QualMap | Food Quality Monitoring Solution

QualMap is a digital tool to manage supplier performance and understand quality data in complex food supply chains.

How well are your suppliers performing? Are you able to assess their regulatory compliance? If you are looking for ways to manage your supplier data and monitor policy implementation in your production, we have the solution you need. 

What is QualMap?

QualMap is a data management tool to enable your business to monitor and control all aspects of your supply chain through an easy-to-use executive dashboard. Whether you are in the food service, retail, or food processing space, our web-based application helps you monitor your data, your products, your ingredients, and your overall supply chain to keep you informed on how your brand is performing.

Through automation and greater transparency, QualMap allows you to manage supplier performance and mitigate risks early. Best of all, QualMap requires no extensive IT development. Mérieux NutriSciences experts incorporate your food manufacturing data in QualMap by integrating all of your food quality and safety sources.

Quality Monitoring Platform streamlines food safety & quality compliance

Our quality monitoring platform allows you to integrate, manage and visualize your data to fulfil safety and quality standards while being able to foresee ways to create operational savings and continuous improvement in your supply chain. QualMap enables you to manage supplier performance and accelerates the enforcement of your food safety and quality initiatives. QualMap supports you with:

  • Analytics for Data Empowerment: Through the QualMap dashboard, you get an overall view of the quality status of your business. Our analytical presentation and visualizations will suggest solutions and allow you to make business-critical decisions.
  • Data Management: Your data is a rich source of insights that can be mined and transformed into actionable information to improve your quality systems
  • Testing Data: Our data displays your comprehensive range of microbiology and analytical chemistry tests, including highly specialized analyses for food contaminants, nutrition, allergens and more
  • Complaint Management: Sort, graph, and understand your complaint data in new ways.
  • Supplier Audit Management: Ensure your suppliers’ conformance to certification auditing requirements by setting alerts to non-conformances.
  • At-Line Data: Get real-time access to your production and supply line data.

Gain efficiency & save time with QualMap

QualMap is a data-driven web portal fulfilling the need for multi-system integration, data transparency, and visualization. Our food safety and quality monitoring tool helps businesses avoid expensive problems before they arise and eliminate the time spent manually compiling and reporting on technical data.

QualMap is backed by an accomplished team of food safety and quality experts who can assist you with every facet of your quality assurance management. Whether you need to develop a program or redefine your product specifications, Mérieux NutriSciences is uniquely qualified to develop practical and targeted solutions.

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