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Baby food and infant formula testing

Baby food and infant formula testing

Mérieux NutriSciences offers a comprehensive testing portfolio and a complete suite of services to support manufacturers in ensuring the quality, safety, and effectiveness of baby food products.

Babies are vulnerable consumers that are exposed to a proportionally larger amount of food contaminants than adults. Due to this, infant foods are one of the most regulated products worldwide, and manufacturers must prove compliance with safety standards before their baby food products enter consumers’ hands.

Baby formulas and foods have to ensure infants and young children have the proper amount of safe bioavailable nutrients with a proper physiological effect. These products also must comply with specific requirements in terms of composition, labelling rules and limits for contaminants, which are far below conventional ones.

Tackle all industry challenges with reliable infant formula testing

Infant formula products contain more nutritional components than other foods, and their supply chains tend to be longer and more global than other commodities due to the procurement of many ingredients. This poses unique challenges to manufacturers as it is vital to safeguard the entire baby food operation against potential adulteration issues whether that be physical, chemical or microbiological.

At Mérieux NutriSciences, we offer a full suite of analytical testing, including chemical contaminants for heavy metals, such as arsenic, melamine/cyanuric acid, and mycotoxins, dioxins and allergens. We also provide nutritional testing for proximates, amino acids, fatty acid profiling and vitamins & minerals. Learn more below.

Meet export requirements through our international network of labs

Governments worldwide require baby food brands to include mandatory labelling statements, and these claims must be supported by testing. Mérieux NutriSciences’ global network of accredited laboratories can accurately detect and quantify very low concentrations of contaminants. 

Discover the tests and services we offer to baby food producers below.

Discover our 360 ° services for the Baby Food industry

Mérieux NutriSciences provides a 360° analytical, regulatory and consulting service to baby food manufacturers to ensure the safety and quality of raw materials and finished products and to support the launch of competitive products in the market. All services marked with an * can be outsourced in our international networks.

360° Services

Below are a few notable services recommended for the Infant Food industry.

360° Services

Chemistry Food Testing


  • Allergens & Contaminants
  • Nutritionals
  • Additives *
  • Packaging and Food Contact Materials *
  • Quality and Authenticity *
  • Iodine
  • Aflatoxins M1
Learn more

Microbiology Food Testing


  • Pathogens detection & characterization
  • Virus detection *
  • Indicator Microorganisms
  • Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP)
Learn more

Contract Research Services


  • Shelf Life Studies
  • Process Validation / Cleaning Validation
Learn more

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