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Cleaning Validation Services

Cleaning Validation Services

Mérieux NutriSciences offers comprehensive cleaning validation services for the food & healthcare industries to ensure effective hygiene across manufacturing processes.

Cleaning validation is a method that validates cleaning procedures. This methodology ensures the effectiveness and uniformity of a specific cleaning process in plants and equipment to remove residues and contaminants.

Reaching predefined levels of hygiene on product contact surfaces has become a priority in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries as manufacturers need to ensure the safety of their patients and consumers.

Effective cleaning is necessary to achieve suitable hygiene conditions in any production environment. Insufficient or ineffective cleaning can cause product contamination that may originate from different risk factors such as:

  • Physical contamination from deposits and food residues
  • Biological contamination from bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Allergenic cross-contamination of proteins in the food chain
  • Chemical contamination from residues of detergents and disinfectants that are still present after insufficient rinsing.

Contamination risks are present across whole manufacturing operations, and validating the efficacy of cleaning processes helps manufacturers minimize hazards and ensure their products are safe and meet current regulations.

Cleaning validation for Product manufacturing across a range of sectors

Cleaning validation ensures your manufacturing environment and equipment are suitable for their intended use. Our tests are suitable for industry sectors such as food, packaging, medical devices, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and more.

The service includes:

  • Selection of appropriate sampling and analytical strategies for determining chemical residues or biological contamination.
  • Selection of appropriate detection methods.
  • Development of specific methods for the search of contaminants
  • Analytical cleaning method validation. Learn about our antimicrobial efficacy studies approved by TGA.

Discover our 360 cleaning validation service for the food industry

Mérieux NutriSciences validates cleaning procedures by considering all the different areas of application used in food manufacturing. We also offer digital tools to help you monitor contamination in the food production environment. Discover each of our cleaning validation services below:

Download our free Cleaning Validation Guide for the food industry

Download our free guide to understand what tests manufacturers must consider in cleaning validations at food plants.

ownload guide -Cleaning Validation Guide for the Food Industry

Our most common tests and services

Mérieux NutriSciences provides analytical, regulatory and consulting services to manufacturers to ensure the safety and quality of raw materials and finished products and to support the launch of competitive products in the market. All services marked with an * can be outsourced in our international networks.

Chemistry Food Testing

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Microbiology Food Testing

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Contract Research Services

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Auditing & Training

  • BRC Certification
  • Freshcare Certification
  • FSSC 22000 Certification
  • GlobalG.A.P. Certification
  • SQF Certification
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