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Import /Export, Silliker Supply Chain Management

Minimize costly detentions at customs • Resolve regulatory disputes • Avoid the cost of returning contaminated or defective products

How do you verify the products you’re importing are meeting not only your quality standards, but those of the new FSMA?


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Protect your brand and assets by partnering with Silliker, the trusted industry expert in food safety and quality management serving leading export countries to include China, Brazil and India.

We can customize a cost-effective and scientifically sound program for you:

- Test-in-country, employing recognized sampling methods, accredited testing methods and most current technologies

- Raw material specification development and review services

- Local inspections and audits, port and manufacturing, to reduce the risk of contaminants and non-conformance

- Silliker Global Certification Services certified audits provide independent verification that product specifications and regulatory requirements have been met by suppliers


Our team of scientific experts is uniquely qualified to assist you.

Contact us to learn more about our unique import services, and to request your FREE Silliker White Paper, “Food Safety Modernization Act: Marking a New Era in U.S. Food Safety.”

Click here for more Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Information.