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Kathy Reynolds

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We are committed to providing our clients with accurate results, delivered on time, with professional service that adds value to our client businesses.

Providing our clients with the highest level of service is at the core of our company mission. Our highly trained service representatives understand your expectations, respond to your requests and take the initiative to find solutions to your problems. With dedicated support centers throughout North America, we are at your service, delivering professionalism and competency to our valued customers.

Silliker Client Service Support Center Frequently Asked Questions:
- How do I contact Silliker Client Services

To reach Silliker Client Services in the US and Canada, 7:00 AM EST – 7:00 PM you can call:
US Midwest Region: +1 312 938 5152 – Toll free +1 877 777 6375
US East Region: +1 610 366 9257 – Toll Free +1 877 331 4299
US West Region: +1 209 549 7508  – Toll Free +1 877 331 0866
Canada – Markham, ONT: +1 905 479 5255
Canada – Burnaby, B.C.: +1 604 432 9311
After Hours Toll Free for emergency service for all labs is +1 800 745 5227


- Who do I call for Silliker laboratory operations questions?
The US based Silliker Client Service Support Centers can provide you with professional scientific service. Our enhanced Client Service Support Centers are designed to provide greater flexibility to meet the growing needs of our clients.

- How do I order sample kits and supplies?
All Client Service Support Centers are able to assist you with your sample kits, supplies and courier or shipping needs throughout the US.

- What if I call after hours and need a COA?
All Client Service Support Centers have a voice mail system that is responded to quickly. Another option is to set-up a complimentary Silliker-eSTAR– electronic Secured Testing & Audit Results – account so you can track and analyze your information with unparalleled ease and convenience. The Silliker Client Service Support Centers can help you in setting up account.

- Who do I call if I have an emergency after hours?
Although the Silliker Client Service Support Centers have extended hours of service, we understand that emergencies can happen at any hour. If you need emergency assistance, call our 24-hour hotline at +1 800 745 5227.

- How do I contact Silliker Technical Service groups: Auditing, Education, Consulting and Education?
Silliker Food Science Center, South Holland, IL – Tel: +1 708/ 225 1435
Auditing, Consulting and Education Services, Chicago, IL– Tel: +1 312 938 5151

Contact us to request more information or to request a call on how our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories can support your food safety and quality programs.