Our scientific contribution

List 2013 and 2014 scientific publications, abstracts, speaking engagements, etc.


  • A new, microalgal DHA- and EPA-containing oil lowers triacylglycerols in adults with mild-to-moderate hypertriglyceridemia.   Maki KC, Yurko-Mauro K, Dicklin MR, Schild AL, Geohas JG.   Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. 2014 Oct;91(4):141-8. doi: 10.1016/j.plefa.2014.07.012. Epub 2014 Jul 22.

  • Corn Oil Improves the Plasma Lipoprotein Lipid Profile Compared to Extra-virgin Olive Oil Consumption in Men and Women with Elevated Cholesterol:  Results from a Controlled Feeding Trial.  Maki KC,  Lawless AL, Kelley KM,  Kaden VN,  Geiger CJ,  Dicklin MR.

  • Davidson MH, Rosenson RS, Maki KC, et al. Effects of Fenofibric Acid on Carotid Intima-Media Thickness in Patients With Mixed Dyslipidemia on Atorvastatin Therapy: Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study (FIRST). Arterioscler Throm Vasc Biol. 2014 Jun;34(6):1298-1306.

  • Hirahatake KM, Slavin JL, Maki KC, Adams SH.  Associations between dairy foods, diabetes, and metabolic health: potential mechanisms and future directions. Metabolism. 2014 May;63(5):618-627.

  • Schmier JK, Miller PE, Levine JA, et al. Cost savings of reduced constipation rates attributed to increased dietary fiber intakes: a decision analytical model. BMC Public Health. 2014 Apr 17;14(1):374.

  • Kastelein JJP, Maki KC, Susekov A, Ezhov M, Nordestgaard BG, Machielse BN, Kling D, Davidson MH. Omega-3 free fatty acids for the treatment of severe hypertriglyceridemia: The EpanoVa fOr Lowering Very high triglyceridEs (EVOLVE) Trial. J Clin Lipidol. 2014 Jan-Feb;8(1):94-106.

  • Ito MK, Maki KC, Brinton EA, Cohen JD, Jacobson TA. Muscle symptoms in statin users, associations with cytochrome P450, and membrane transporter inhibitor use: a subanalysis of the USAGE study.  J Clin Lipidol. 2014 Jan-Feb;8(1):69-76.

  • McKenney JM, Jenks BH, Shneyvas E, Brooks JR, Shenoy SF, Cook CM, Maki KC. A softgel dietary supplement containing esterified plant sterols and stanols improves the blood lipid profile of adults with primary hypercholesterolemia: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled replication study. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2014 Feb; 114(2): 244-249.

  • Maki KC, Slavin JL, Rains TM, Kris-Etherton PM. Limitations of observational evidence: implications for evidence-based dietary recommendations. Adv Nutr. 2014 Jan 1;5(1):7-15.  Reply to Editor: Adv Nutr 2014 May 14;5(3):293-4.


  •   Nieman K, Dicklin M, Bell, M, Rains T, Maki K. Relationship between baseline triglyceride concentration and triglyceride reduction with 4 g/d long-chain omega-3 ethyl esters. Abstract is available at FASEB J April 2014 28:1035.6. The poster is also available on-line at the EB2014 site.

  •   Williams J, Choe Y, DeMichele S, et al. Effects of different oil systems on lutein absorption in healthy adults. Abstract is available at FASEB J April 2014 28:645.22.

  •   Nieman K, Herrlinger K, Sanoshy K, et al. Tolerance and cognitive function effects of a proprietary spearmint extract in men and women with self-reported memory impairment – A Pilot Study.  Abstract is available at FASEB J April 2014 28:LB402.  Poster is also available on-line at the EB2014 site.

  •   Miller P, Schmier J, Levine L, et. al.  Healthcare savings from reduced constipation rates attributed to increased dietary fiber intakes: a decision-analytic model.  Abstract is  available at FASEB J April 2014 28:813.5


Meeting & Presentations

  • FDA Nutrition Label Reform Webinar, September 23, 2014.  Presentors:  John Szpylka, Ph.D. (Silliker Corporate Chemistry Director), DeAnn Liska, Ph.D. (Biofortis Senior Director of Nutrition & Scientific Affairs), and Betty Campbell (EAS Consulting and former FDA).

  • DeAnn Liska, Ph.D. presented at the Society of Toxicology FDA Colloquia on Emerging Toxicological Science Challenges in Food and Ingredient Safety. FDA, College Park, Maryland, Nov. 7.

  • DeAnn Liska, Ph.D., presented on what the proposed nutrition labeling changes and other FDA actions mean to the food industry in the Advances in Trans Fatty Acids session at the Midwest Section of AOAC International, Chicago, IL June 2-5, 2014.

  • Kevin Maki, Ph.D., will presented on Current Status and Research Gaps Regarding Health Claims for High Oleic Oils at the IFT 14 meeting in New Orleans, LA June 22-24, 2014.


  • DeAnn Liska, Ph.D., presented on Partially Hydrogenated Oils and Risk: Assessing the Scientific Evidence at the 17th IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology and EXPO in Montreal, Canada, August 17-21, 2014

  • Dr. DeAnn Liska, an invited speaker at The International Vitamin Conference, held in Washington, DC May 12-15, 2014, presented on Considerations for Vitamin Intake and Biomarker Assessments in Interpreting Data from Clinical Trials and was a panel member in a session on Data Interpretation: Food, diet and biomarkers of vitamin status in the context of human health studies.

  • Dr. Kevin Maki presented at EB 2014 in San Diego, April 26-30, 2014 on Effects of Sugar-Sweetened Products on Insulin Sensitivity, Pancreatic ß-cell Function and Plasma Lipids in men and Women at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Abstract is available at FASEB J 2014 28:117.3.

  • Biofortis clinical research was also presented by Dr. Heather Leidy at EB 2014 in San Diego, April 26-30, 2014.  Specifically, a study on Acute Effects of Higher Protein, Sausage and Egg-based Convenience Breakfast Meals on Postprandial Glucose Homeostasis in Healthy Premenopausal Women was highlighted at a breakfast session on protein and satiety.  Abstract is available at FASEB J April 2014 28:381.6.

  • Dr. Chad Cook was selected to give a presentation at the International Food Technologists (IFT) Wellness conference on March 20, 2014.  Dr. Cook presented on “Protein Enhanced Foods: Consumer Health Fad or Legitimate Science-based Products?” which covered emerging nutrition research and recent studies conducted at Biofortis on protein enhanced foods & beverages on appetite and satiety outcomes.