Food & Dietary Supplement Industries

From the beginning back in 2004, our clinical nutrition research studies focused on foods, ingredients, and dietary supplements. 

Known as Provident Clinical Research Corporation in the beginning, we were a pioneer in this research field.  As the reputation and business grew, additional scientists joined the company to work with our customers in navigating the literature and collaborating on study protocols and publications. In 2008, our clinical research center in the metro Chicago area was founded by John Marshall, our current Vice President of Operations.  The clinic location, close to O’Hare airport and easily accessible from several major interstates, improved our ability to generate evidence for our food and dietary supplement industry sponsors.

In 2011, our USA teamed partnered with Biofortis, a company with like-minded clinical nutrition researchers in France.  Biofortis in France was founded in 2002 by Murielle Cazaubiel and includes both clinical research services and bioanalytical central lab capabilties.  
Now, with teams in China and Brazil, multi-national studies are possible for clients seeking evidence to satisfy multiple regulatory authorities or simply seeking a more broad study population. The USA team also expanded their ability to manage multi-site studies both within the USA as well as international projects.
Our research projects span clinical nutrition research as well as non-clinical nutrition research.  Examples of recent publications and presentations illustrate our scope