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Sensory & Consumer Research

Biofortis Sensory & Consumer is the European leader and a major global player in sensory analysis.

Our scientific studies institute, centered on innovation, has 28 years of experience in Sensory Analysis and expert panels (formerly known as ADRIANT®). Our experts will help you discover, test and confirm new sensory opportunities for your brands: sensory trade-offs, preference mapping, etc. Biofortis puts its global expertise (in Brazil, USA, China and Europe) at the service of your innovation: international projects, sensory laboratory outsourcing, devoted expert panel numerous countries, etc.
We help you identify opportunities in new markets, maximize the profitability of your products and actions and ensure a long term relationship between your consumers and your product, by evaluating a new concept, product or service, reformulating an offer, performing consumer tests, evaluating packaging, designing new scenarios or repositioning your marketing mix. The aim of our research is to understand consumers better and help you define your marketing strategy by measuring and explaining the emotional and sensory aspects of your products.

With our international publications, application of quality standards in our 12 laboratories and over 4 continents, as well as our statistics and methodologies research team, Biofortis Sensory & Consumer will give you a head start!

Biofortis Sensory & Consumer (formerly known as ADRIANT ®)  is recognized by all the major international brands in skin and body treatments, domestic products, food, nutrition, luxury, automobile, sound technology and many other areas where sensory expertise is prized.