About Biofortis USA

Biofortis supports our customers in their quest for innovative market leading products by generating scientific evidence through randomized clinical trials.  By combining our nutrition expertise with our clinical research ability, we are uniquely suited for food, ingredient and dietary supplement focused studies aimed at answering questions about product safety, tolerance, bioavailability, and efficacy for both disease and non-disease end points.  Our studies are used in support of health claims, structure-function claims, GRAS application or expansion, competitor comparisons, and position papers as well as providing food category or even full diet nutrition insight.
Throughout our 10-year history in the USA, our track record proves we can collaborate with leading key opinion leaders in study fields of cardiovascular, metabolic, exercise physiology, cognitive function, satiety, weight loss and weight management research. Recent publications and press releases highlight our diverse body of work in bioavailability, satiety benefits from protein consumption, cognitive function gains from dietary supplements, and LDL lowering from specific ingredients.
Our full service contract research organization, experienced scientists and quality control process compliant clinical center allow us to customize our approach for each project.  Whether you require proprietary or publically accessible studies, professionally managed projects deliver reliable, scientifically valid data on time and in budget, more often than other research options.